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Lamborghini’s new concept car looks insane

Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:57 am

LUXURY car brand Lamborghini has teamed up with prestigious American university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to give us a glimpse of what high end sports cars might look like in the distant future.
The company has released a new design concept electric car called the Terzo Millennio which imagines the kind of sports car our grandchildren might drive — and apparently they could act as their own super-powered batteries and be able to repair themselves.
The company unveiled the car this week at the EmTech conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to carmaker, the “technological goal of the project” focused on five distinct areas: energy storage, materials, propulsion, design and emotion.
Of course it’s just a concept at this stage but in designing the Terzo Millennio engineers sought to move away from conventional batteries used in electric cars to supercapacitors that can provide the fast and intense energy required to power a so-called supercar.
Traditional lithium-ion batteries currently used in electric cars release energy more slowly and run down over repeated charges while supercapacitors have the potential to store far more energy but as yet aren’t used in fully electric vehicles because of other issues.
However Lamborghini intends to make its supercapacitors out of carbon fibre panels that can be used to form the body of the vehicle, meaning the car would draw energy from its own body.
Basically, you would be driving around a large battery.

Of course it’s just a concept at this stage but it sure is good to look at.Source:Supplied
“The new Lamborghini collaboration allows us to be ambitious and think outside the box in designing new materials that answer energy storage challenges for the demands of an electric sport vehicle,” said Professor Mircea Dinca from MIT’s Department of Chemistry.
“We look forward to teaming up with their engineers and work on this exciting project,” he added.
But for the time being, we can all geek out over these cool pictures.


OMG looks like a scary type of bug

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Re: Lamborghini’s new concept car looks insane

Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:41 pm

oh gross!!! What are they thinking lol

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